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Removal, Relocation and Recycling

How We Can Help / November 14, 2018

Either as part of an installation or a completely separate project we can remove, recycle or relocate your old furniture.

We can arrange the removal and recycle of your old furniture, through our sister company Envirologistics.
Whether the items are no longer required or whether you want to reuse them on a different site, we can manage the removal, relocation, disposal and recycling of your old furniture. We work with local charities, schools and other community organisations that can benefit from items you no longer need.

As part of the removal, relocation and recycling services we can…

  • Remove, recycle and dispose of furniture
  • Store furniture
  • Relocate and assemble furniture at alternative sites.

We hold all the relevant licenses and exceptions for recycling and disposal and will provide all the supporting legal documents.

How We Can Help